From October 21-24, 2021 part of the team of the Center for Development of the Southeast Planning Region, led by the Director Ms. Julieta Gjurkova attended the seventh Regional Summit for Entrepreneurship for the award "Stvaratelji za stoljeca" held in Dubrovnik R. Croatia.

At this event, Ms. Gjurkova, as the Director of CRDPR, was awarded one of the most prestigious awards and recognitions in Southeast Europe, where awards were given to the most deserving individuals, organizations and institutions whose dedicated work contributes to the development of entrepreneurship and economy in Central and Southeast Europe.

The Stvaratelji za Stoljeca Award is a kind of entrepreneurial Oscar and is given only to the great visionaries and leaders of tomorrow whose fearlessness, work, knowledge, creativity and top results are the foundation and main driver of the community's progress.

The recognition is a confirmation of the uniqueness of the strategy and the ability of the Center to create long-term and healthy growth, focused on the unreserved support of the business community. In this light, the Center builds its reputation: always open for cooperation, innovative and unique. As in the past 13 years, so in the future the focus of our team will be focused on implementing activities and projects to improve the quality of life of all citizens. This award is just a confirmation that we are on the right track. - pointed out Ms. Gjurkova at the summit "300 Best".

The purpose of this award is to publicly recognize the best in order to recognize the general public, who in these dynamic times with original solutions and creativity promote community life and entrepreneurship.

Receiving this prestigious award and recognition for her contribution to the development of entrepreneurship and the economy, the Director of the Center for Development of SEPR, Ms. Julieta Gjurkova has been appointed a member of the International Award Committee.

This award belongs to all those who believe in the internal capacities of the Center, who with great trust and loyalty entrusted us with all the projects that we have realized during these 13 years. The responsibility given to us is great and with all our will, strength and desire to improve the lives of everyone around us we continue to realize this great vision.