Tourist development zone is a special fenced and marked area that is a functional unit formed for tourism development by introducing standards in services, as well as efficient and efficient use of resources by applying the highest environmental standards in which activities are carried out under conditions prescribed by law. for tourist zones and other law. The zone is based on the area for which urban planning documentation for tourist development zones has been adopted as well as other appropriate urban planning documentation provided in accordance with the Law on Spatial and Urban Planning. A zone can be established if the land is fully owned by the Republic of Macedonia. Upon preparation of the urban planning documentation, the Government of the Republic of Macedonia, upon a proposal by the Agency for Promotion and Support of the Tourism of the Republic of Macedonia, shall adopt a decision on establishing a tourist development zone, which shall determine the scope and space for the establishment of the zone and the construction land. shall be alienated in accordance with the provisions of the Law on Tourist Zones. Any domestic or foreign natural or legal person who has concluded a contract for the alienation of construction land within the tourist development zone with the Agency for Promotion and Support of Tourism may be a user of a tourist development zone.

On the territory of the South-East Planning Region there is a tourist development zone at the following locations: